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Unhappy Franchisees

I am sure there are more of these, and that most franchise brands have their own franchisee run website for gripes about the franchise, but is a resource to hear some horror stories to educate yourself on things to watch out for when getting into a franchise network.  That is the one thing I have noticed in my years as a broker, so many people get into a business or franchise without knowing all of the relevant facts, and like they said on G.I. Joe, knowing is half the battle.  What you don’t know will lead to horror stories like the kind you will find on … Read entire article »

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Getting Ripped off on Merchant Credit Card Fees?

Getting Ripped off on Merchant Credit Card Fees.  I have seen this many times when escrow closes on  the sale of a business to a buyer.  The first places people think of when they look for merchant processing is the bank which with they have set up the business banking accounts with.  When setting them up, they’ll be told that Bank also offer Merchant Processing for them.  Be Careful to review the terms your bank is offering, often times you can shop around and get better terms with another third party processor.  Watch out for getting locked into an unfavorable contract and paying inflated prices on the actual physical processing equipment you receive.  If you buy them from the processing company they could be charging huge markups or trying to … Read entire article »

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CABB OC Chapter Meeting 9-28-10

CABB OC Chapter Meeting 9-28-10

I skipped today’s RIAOC meeting today due to a conflict with the CABB O.C. Chapter Meeting today.  It was nice to catch up with a few Business Brokers that I had not talked to recently.  Key takeaways from the meeting are that loans are happening for business acquisitions, but the adherence to criteria is a must.  Namely, the experience criterion. Today, we were told that a buyer was able to secure an SBA loan for a … Read entire article »

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When reading online you may come across a plethora of acronyms and real estate terms that sound familiar, but you don’t know what they mean.   Here are some Common Commercial Real Estate Terms: Leasing Related Terms: NNN: This is referred to as ‘Triple Net.’  This is a commercial leasing term that refers to leases in which the Lessee (tenant) pays the operating expenses of the property.  In a full Triple Net lease, all of the operating expenses will be paid by the tenants, including, but not limited to, real property taxes, property maintenance (including the parking lot) and even the cost of the management company managing the property for the Lessor (Owner).  Thus, in a NNN lease, the tenant pays a fixed Base Rent, and then pays additional NNN fees to … Read entire article »

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ICSC Ontario Coming Up

Don’t forget, ICSC is having it’s next Southern California meeting on October 14, 2010 in Ontario.  This particular meeting will focus on the retail leasing market and the trends that have been resulting in successful new leases being written.  Chief reason for sure has to be the significant reduction in NNN leasing rates, which as we know went through the roof as the vacancy rates hovered at historic lows from the early part of this decade through 2008.  Let’s see what other factors that have led to greater success in leasing transactions come out at this meeting.  I’ll post what comes out.  In the meanwhile get your Registration Form right here so you can see me there. … Read entire article »

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RIAOC 9-21-2010

RIAOC 9-21-2010

Today was part of the Nick Lieberman interview series with Martin Brewer. Brewer happens to have been an integral part of the Irvine Company for many years in the Public relations department.  He had some good insight into the Orange County Development market, which he shared with us at today’s regular RIAOC meeting. An interesting nugget that came to light was that historically The Irvine Company expected new home sales to increase whenever interest rates first began … Read entire article »

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West Coast Franchise Expo

Been wondering how to make it BIG TIME in business.  One way is to own and operate a Scalable business.  Some franchise concepts lend themselves well to being a scalable concept.  The West Coast Franchise Expo is coming up in less than two months.  I have been to it the last two years and I recommend it highly.  There are typically quite a few franchisors that are exhibitors at the show, the vast majority of which from whom you can get a lot of insight.   Also, you can be in control of your experience there, as you can talk to whichever Franchisors you want for as long oas you want.  Definitely make sure to review the list of franchisor exhibitors and do some homework on them, so you can ask informed … Read entire article »

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