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A Free Business? Almost, but not quite!

Beginning in a few days, we will be profiling Second Generation commercial spaces available.  Second generation spaces are commercial spaces for lease that are built out but not currently occupied, they can be retail , office and industrial.  For example, many restaurants have closed down, but have an intact kitchen and plumbing in place.  These spaces obviously need some capital investment to be reopened, but these costs are going to be significantly less than opening a vanilla shell space from scratch.  Also, assuming the space is intact, you likely won’t need any construction permits from the various local agencies, so you will be able to open your doors Many months before you could open vanilla shell space.  This saves you Time and Money, which means you can focus on growing your business and recouping your investment sooner!.  Second generation spaces are gifts of recessions, many great fortunes have been and will be made because of them.

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