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Due Diligence Buying a Coin Laundry Laundromat

Due Diligence Buying a Coin Laundry Laundromat

A self service ‘coin’ operated laundry sounds like a glamorous and easy profit business.  It isn’t, but it can be.  If you polled a lot of laundry owners, as we have, you will find that most of them will tell you from experience that there are a lot of ways to lose your shirt when investing in a laundry business.  While a coin laundry sounds like a simple business that you buy and then collect … Read entire article »

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Leasing Second Generation Restaurant Space – Saving Time & Money

Eating Someone else’s leftovers doesn’t sound like the greatest of deals.  But, when it comes to your money, you’ll have to figure out if you want to buy an existing business ( e.g. leftovers), or make something new from scratch. Should you buy an existing business? Should you start a new business? That depends on you and the team you are going into business with.  There is a Right and Wrong answer for you.  We will layout some points for you to consider to help you make an informed decision that will feel, well, Just Elementary! Reasons to Buy: You want an established track record and proven business model. You will be open for business the day you take possession. Trained employees in place with a seller to offer additional buyer training. Reasons to Start: You have your own … Read entire article »

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The Missing Picture: Due Diligence

While you are analyzing a business for sale and after you have agreed to a preliminary terms to purchase a business opportunity, you are going to have to do perform and finish your Due Diligence. A quick note, you should consult with and hire legal and financial professional s to assist you with the process. Having been involved in many transactions, I can share some insight with you about the process and what to look for. Number 1 most important thing to figure out is why is the seller selling? Make sure it is a legitimate reason, such as a genuine retirement. Get to know your seller to the best of your abilities on a personal level. Meeting with the seller in casual settings … Read entire article »

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Auto Salvage Yard For Sale

Just listed for sale recently is a prime Auto Salvage Yard business in the heart of Los Angeles.  Located on a lot that is over 50,000 sq ft, the current owner has cleaned up the yard and refocused the business on a sweet spot of popular late model cars.  Additionally, there are Three (3) Sublessees paying weekly rent that subsidize approximately 75% of the monthly rent on the property.  This location has been established as a Salvage Yard for over (50) Fifty Years.  Valid licenses for Glass, Dismantling, Repair and a Salvage Yard are in place for the Industry.  Very hard to open or start a business like this given the space required and shortage of properly zoned space in Urban Southern California.  Gross Sales and SDE (Adjusted Net) are projections … Read entire article »

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El Monte Laundromat For Sale

Just Reduced Asking Price is $150,000 These figures vary by season and weather. Approximately 1,444 square feet in size.  Approximately 9 years of lease left. There are: 19 toploaders 8 Speed Queen Frontloaders approximately 20 lbs in capacity. Older Machines 4 Speed Queen Frontloaders approximately 40 lbs in capacity. 22 Stack Double Pocket Stack Dryers Front loaders are Older machines. Stack Dryers are also Older machines. The owner is a full time plumber, and is very handy with repairing the machines.  This laundromat can really use newer equipment.  Neighborhood location with a built in client base, this customer base is the kind of customer base that needs an owner who can relate to the customers. Approximate Monthly Gross: $8,000 Approximate Monthly Net: $2,900 Figures vary by season. Owner is motivated, call to submit your offer.  (323) 213-9193 … Read entire article »

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Free Standing Fast Food Retail Property for Sale

Just listed and freshly put on the open market is a Fast Food Drive Through Restaurant Space that is Free Standing.   Approximately a 3,000 square foot building on an approximately 15,000 square foot lot.  The shopping center is anchored by a Major Brand Grocery Store.   The Real Estate is offered for sale at $1,750,000.  Please inquire for more details.  The seller is motivated.  The property has plenty of parking surrounding it.  Parking has never been a problem for the property except for the Day before Thanksgiving and the day before Christmas when the Grocery Store is attracting a throng of last minute shoppers.  Call now (322) 213-9193 for more detail, email or submit an inquiry on the form at the bottom of the home page.  Brochure on the … Read entire article »

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