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California Contractor’s License Transfer & Sales

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Do you need to get a California Contractor’s license transferred to you?   If so, then you have a few choices of how to get a contractor’s license into your possession.  They all ultimately involve dealing with the Contractor’s State Licensing Board.  And well, as you well know, dealing with state licensing boards can be a real hassle and headache.  While the Contractor’s State Licensing Board is good at their job, working with them can be a slow, arduous process.  Let’s face it, when it comes to your business, having uncertainty hanging over your head is not good for productivity.  Your business needs it Contractor’s license as soon as possible.  For a large company, if you want to be in the market as fast as you can, you need to consider buying an existing business with an active license, or buy an active license.

For More information on how Just Elementary, Inc, Business Brokers can help you with sourcing the appropriate California Contractor’s License for your business and/or help with transferring a Contractor’s license contact our Client Care Manager Sonia Chhabra at  (888) 926-9193 or email

Are all contractor licenses created equal?  Well, of course, there are many different classifications, which you can see at the Contractor’s State Licensing Board Website.  Once you know which classification suits your needs, then you need to set out to find license holders in the classification you need that are willing to sell, transfer or partner with their license.

Here is a helpful tip:

Search for older contractor license numbers.  An older number offers the impression of a business that has been around for a great many years, which implies stability because it must have weathered the ups and downs of the economic booms and busts.  This is what some consumers and other customers assume when they see an older license number.  This helps with credibility.

Are you looking to expand your construction footprint into California?  Or are you in a related industry.  There is a Clean Corporate License for Sale with the following Classifications:  A-General Engineering, B-General Builder, C-2 Insulation & Acoustical, C-8 Concrete, C-9 Drywall, C-33 Painting & Decorating, D-63 Construction Clean-Up

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