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Q&A with Jeff Stroope of Hyconn LLC from ABC’s Shark Tank

Jeff Stroope of HyConn LLC: was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions about his experience on the Shark Tank from Last Season. We see that he gets a verbal deal on the set with Mark Cuban, but the million dollar question is if he actually finalized a partnership buyout with Mark Cuban after all was said and done:

Q: How long was the time you actually spent on the set with the Sharks discussing your business?

Jeff Stroope of HyConn LLC: Around an hour.

Q: Obviously, a verbal deal was reached with Mark Cuban, but an actual deal in writing was never finalized. Was that by your prerogative? Was it because the terms verbally offered were modified? Was it because Mark Cuban changed his mind after doing his due diligence?

HyConn As Seen on ABC's Shark TankJeff Stroope of HyConn LLC: Mark started changing some off the things he offered and we never could come to an agreement after that.

Q: Did you hire any professionals to assist you with finalizing a potential contract?

Jeff Stroope of HyConn LLC: I used my local Attorney

Q: Did appearing on Shark Tank help open the doors to additional exposure on national media?

Jeff Stroope of HyConn LLC: Yes

Q: Are you happy that you stuck to your creative vision and business model for your business?

Jeff Stroope of HyConn LLC: Yes

Q: Was there any helpful advice given to you by the Sharks that you have used since speaking to them?

Jeff Stroope of HyConn LLC: Yes. The main thing is not to give up on something you truly believe in as long as you are making good financial decisions during the process.

Q: Is your product available for purchase?

Jeff Stroope of HyConn LLCNot yet. We plan to begin production in 1 to 2 weeks.

Q: When do you anticipate them hitting the market?

Jeff Stroope of HyConn LLC:  We expect parts to be ready my mid June.

Q: What have been the roadblocks that have kept the products from reaching the market?

Jeff Stroope of HyConn LLCThe biggest delay is that everyone thought that I got a deal with Cuban when in fact I was still needing an investor. I am actually meeting one of two investors that have offered to fund everything tonight.

Good luck to you.  You have a fabulous product, we expect it to be a hit when it is released to the market for sale!

Thank You to Jeff Stroope of Hyconn LLC for answering these questions and giving us an insight into what happens after the show is taped.

To contact Hyconn LLC, visit their website, or email:, or call 501-606-2181 and follow HyConn on Twitter @HyConn_LLC



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