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Nuts & Bolts to Due Diligence

Nuts & Bolts to Due Diligence

  What are the nuts and bolts of doing Due Diligence on a Business Opportunity? Of course this answer varies from business to business. In this post, we will discuss doing due diligence on B2B (Business to Business, i.e. Non-retail) businesses, such as manufacturers, service businesses and Distribution businesses. Naturally, you need to consult with legal and financial professionals in the process of doing due diligence, and even before you start. This post is informational in nature, … Read entire article »

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Is My Industrial Business Lease Good or Bad?

Simple Things to consider whether your lease is friendly to your business, or is it holding your business back from growth and great profits and your lifestyle growths. Number 1, the occupancy cost.  Simply put, this is the lease rate, plus NNN charges including other cost variables such as transportation costs and operational efficiencies.  Ideally, the occupancy cost would be as low as possible.  Given the fact that Industrial properties are not the ideal ‘outside investor’ type properties, the only major factor affecting real estate prices and lease rates is the health of the economy.  In this recessionary market, most local industrial markets have seen lease rates plummet with skyrocketing vacancies.  This means Industrial property prices have plunged and availabilities are high.  So the good news is that you can attempt … Read entire article »

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