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Free Standing Fast Food Retail Property for Sale

Just listed and freshly put on the open market is a Fast Food Drive Through Restaurant Space that is Free Standing.   Approximately a 3,000 square foot building on an approximately 15,000 square foot lot.  The shopping center is anchored by a Major Brand Grocery Store.   The Real Estate is offered for sale at $1,750,000.  Please inquire for more details.  The seller is motivated.  The property has plenty of parking surrounding it.  Parking has never been a problem for the property except for the Day before Thanksgiving and the day before Christmas when the Grocery Store is attracting a throng of last minute shoppers.  Call now (322) 213-9193 for more detail, email or submit an inquiry on the form at the bottom of the home page.  Brochure on the … Read entire article »

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Applying for a Lease

Here are some basic rules to keep in mind when applying for a lease of a commercial property. #1.  Have a Business Plan.  This is much easier if you are buying an existing business.  If not, Be prepared to justify all the things you make up in the business plan. #2.  Have a Credit Report Ready.  The landlord wants to know if you have a habit of making payments on time.  Because if you don’t, they’ll know that they are setting themselves up for trouble.  If you do have blemishes on your credit report, well, ask yourself why.  If the reason is good, such as lost a job or unforeseen medical bills, then write a detailed explanation and INCLUDE it with the Credit Report when submitting a package to the Landlord.  If … Read entire article »

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When is a Deal a Deal?

Make sure to actually sign a finalized contract, and do it quickly.  So many transactions start off with a Letter of Intent (LOI), or some variation of it.  After the initial LOI, a flurry of counter proposals or LOIs can pile up.  At the end of the day, you could end up wasting a lot of time.  Somebody who isn’t a client of mine, but I met the other day, told me his tale.  He spent 20 days going back and forth with a landlord about a lease via proposals and counter proposals on a Second Generation Retail Space.  Well, Lo and Behold, after the LOIs are finally agreed upon, the potential lessee eases up and does not request for an actual draft lease for two days.  In the meanwhile, … Read entire article »

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