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Tips for getting targeted search results on business for sale websites such as,, and others

Searching for a business for sale is a complicated process with many stages of complication.  This post will cover some tips for stage 2, which is searching for actual businesses for sale via online marketplaces such as,, and similar websites.  Searching these websites can be a frustrating process since the listings themselves can be very cryptic, and getting more information on them can be a tedious matter.  Without further ado, here are things you can do to streamline the search for quality businesses for sale that fit your situation.

Be Specific with Industry Types & Geography

This is reflection of stage 1, which is narrowing down the types of business for sale you are looking for.  Make the criteria as specific as possible, as this will help minimize time wasted on listings that don’t make sense for you.

Look for listings that don’t use round numbers

If an agent or seller has taken the time to prepare recasted adjusted financials, then you should see a fairly specific number for the SDE/EBITDA and Gross Revenues in the ad.  For Example, when the revenue is listed ad $5,011,943 versus $5,000,000, then it is more likely that you will get detailed information about the business when you inquire, instead of a ‘make an offer, and the you’ll get some financials.’

Phone Courtesy

When the agent calls you about the listing, try to remember the details to their listing.  If you say that you have called on numerous listings and don’t remember, some agents will take your inquiry less seriously, since they will feel that you are less likely to move forward on their listing.

Send back the NDA

Most of these business for sale websites offer a link to download the NDA.  To expedite getting information on the business, fully execute the NDA and send it back to the agent listed in the ad.  You can wait to talk to the agent first, but this will likely delay the process.  Of course make sure to fully read the NDA and understand the contract you are agreeing to.

Sign up for the email alerts

If you don’t mind getting instant or daily alerts by email of new listings,,, and the others offer email alerts that give you a daily digest of new listings, or even instant emails as soon as new businesses are posted for sale.

Good luck with your search.  If you have any questions or would like help with your situation, please contact our Client Care Manager Sonia Chhabra at  (888) 926-9193 or email

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