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Five Rules for Negotiating Commercial Leases

Five Rules for Negotiating Commercial Leases

Your Bottom Line, is it important to you?  Yes, ok, then let’s see where you can increase it.  Occupancy cost is typically the first expense item we review as Commercial Brokers are at Just Elementary, Inc.  Every business has a physical cost to exist and occupy space, even virtual businesses (think server space). For  those business owners that lease the space that their business occupies, this post will cover Five basic Rules to negotiating or … Read entire article »

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Is My Industrial Business Lease Good or Bad?

Simple Things to consider whether your lease is friendly to your business, or is it holding your business back from growth and great profits and your lifestyle growths. Number 1, the occupancy cost.  Simply put, this is the lease rate, plus NNN charges including other cost variables such as transportation costs and operational efficiencies.  Ideally, the occupancy cost would be as low as possible.  Given the fact that Industrial properties are not the ideal ‘outside investor’ type properties, the only major factor affecting real estate prices and lease rates is the health of the economy.  In this recessionary market, most local industrial markets have seen lease rates plummet with skyrocketing vacancies.  This means Industrial property prices have plunged and availabilities are high.  So the good news is that you can attempt … Read entire article »

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A Free Business? Almost, but not quite!

Beginning in a few days, we will be profiling Second Generation commercial spaces available.  Second generation spaces are commercial spaces for lease that are built out but not currently occupied, they can be retail , office and industrial.  For example, many restaurants have closed down, but have an intact kitchen and plumbing in place.  These spaces obviously need some capital investment to be reopened, but these costs are going to be significantly less than opening a vanilla shell space from scratch.  Also, assuming the space is intact, you likely won’t need any construction permits from the various local agencies, so you will be able to open your doors Many months before you could open vanilla shell space.  This saves you Time and Money, which means you can focus on growing your … Read entire article »

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ICSC Ontario Coming Up

Don’t forget, ICSC is having it’s next Southern California meeting on October 14, 2010 in Ontario.  This particular meeting will focus on the retail leasing market and the trends that have been resulting in successful new leases being written.  Chief reason for sure has to be the significant reduction in NNN leasing rates, which as we know went through the roof as the vacancy rates hovered at historic lows from the early part of this decade through 2008.  Let’s see what other factors that have led to greater success in leasing transactions come out at this meeting.  I’ll post what comes out.  In the meanwhile get your Registration Form right here so you can see me there. … Read entire article »

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