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Are you the right fit for a particular franchise you meet at the West Coast Franchise Expo in Anaheim

Franchise expos, such as the West Coast Franchise Expo, are a great place to check out a bunch of franchises and see which ones you think are good businesses.  Some franchisor exhibitors bring key staff you can meet, such as the founder or the current CEO.  These are important people to meet, so you can get a feel for their philosophy on growing the brand and how to treat franchisees.  Mostly though, you will be talking to employees or contractors that are responsible for adding new franchisees, so they aren’t the ones actually running the corporate operation of the franchisor.

After meeting the franchise exhibitors and narrowing down your list of franchises that you are interested in, there are still a lot of things to consider, which you may get answered when you got to a discovery day.  But, before you even set aside the time and money to attend one or more discovery days, there is one BIG factor that you may not have an answer for: Are you actually a good fit for the franchise operation?  Who is going to tell you if you are a good fit for that franchise?  The franchisor and its employees have an obvious bias, so they won’t be the best source, and after a discovery day, where you have spent the entire day thinking about that franchise, you may have had your perspective shifted.  Yes, you can talk to current franchisees about the health of the franchise and what it is like to be a franchisee, but they aren’t going to help you figure out whether the franchise fits you, your personality, your investment goals and your skill set.

If you are looking for an outsider perspective, feel free contact our office to chat about your situation, background and goals to see which franchises really fit you the best.  Reach our client care manager Sonia Chhabra at (888) 926-9193 or email

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