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HOT or NOT? Buy Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace!

Well, it is not quite that simple.  The most likely market trends for the next 3-5 years is FLAT.  Hopefully not a Flat-Line.  There are three kinds of markets I can think of, #1 HOT, #2 Imploding Crashing Markets and #3 the flat & boring market.  So, probably not a good idea to buy while the markets are still crashing like Fine China falling from a Display Case.

Also, it is a risky proposition to extend a lot of leverage in a hot market, lest your exit strategy be too long and you get stuck holding asset(s) into a Crashing market.  Thus, if we are now finally into the beginning of the LONG, Flat and Boring Portion of the Market, then it is time to buy all the assets that you can handle.  This does mean that you have the luxury of time on your hands when it comes to not having asset prices inflate on you overnight.  But of course, father time is ticking, so you have to strike when you can.  So, make a plan, make it specific and target your acquisition search.  Otherwise, it is just time wasted.

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