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RIAOC 9-21-2010

Today was part of the Nick Lieberman interview series with Martin Brewer.

Brewer happens to have been an integral part of the Irvine Company for many years in the Public relations department.  He had some good insight into the Orange County Development market, which he shared with us at today’s regular RIAOC meeting.

An interesting nugget that came to light was that historically The Irvine Company expected new home sales to increase whenever interest rates first began to rise after a period of decreasing or flat interest rates.  Brewer tied that into the current market, by saying that people would want to buy when they felt that prices were on the verge of rising.  Lieberman for his part interjected, that rising interest rates would be a sign that an economy was growing and heading into a period of sustained growth.

Both men made good points following the assertion that new home sales would rise with rising interest rates.  What piqued my interest to this assertion was that the Irvine Company would be operating with solid historical sales data.  Thus, the assertion had serious backing.  Lesson learned, watch for new home sales to be a Lagging Indicator, as opposed to a Leading Indicator of an Economic recovery.

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