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Don’t Buy Treasury Bills and Bonds

Don’t buy U.S. Treasury products (Bills, Notes and Bonds) was among the insights presented by Dr. Alfred Gobar at the RIAOC meeting from 12-14-2010.  Dr. Gobar is a private practice economist that feels that inflation and interest rates are heading up in the next five years.  This means that he feels that those that are tying up capital in fixed income products such as Treasury Bills and Bonds are going to be overall money losers.  This is because he is expecting inflation to run 2-3% in the next couple of years, with interest rates perhaps reaching Carter Administration levels of 13-14% in Five (5) years.  If he is even close to correct on his prognostications on inflation and interest rates, 10 year Treasury notes yielding 3.45% (as they did today, 12-14-2010) … Read entire article »

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