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Tips for Business Buyers & The Role of the Business Broker

The following video will highlight some introductory tips and suggestions for buyers who are looking to buy a business.

The process of finding a good business to buy can be a hard and frustrating one.  Our simple tip to minimize frustration and maximize results is to narrow and focus your search to businesses that you are qualified to run based on your skill set and background.  This also has the benefit that you have a higher probability of qualifying for third party bank financing.

The video also covers the role of and value added by the business broker in the process of working with a seller and buyer for a business.  The discussion in the video only scratches the surface of the ways a broker adds value to the process.  In particular, what did not get a lot airtime in the video is the fact that a large part of helping a seller with expectations is with the Asking Price and Terms for the business.

Due Diligence is key, so the video discusses some suggestions that can make the Due Diligence process more effective.  It is key to have the appropriate advisers involved in Due Diligence, and best to consult with them prior to starting Due Diligence.

Finally, the video discusses challenges facing buyers and business brokers in this market.

Tips for Business Buyers & The Role of the Business Broker

For More information on how Just Elementary, Inc, Commercial Business brokers can help you with Searching for a Business and Due Diligence, contact our Client Care Manager, Sonia Chhabra, (888) 926-9193 or email


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