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West Coast Franchise Expo

Been wondering how to make it BIG TIME in business.  One way is to own and operate a Scalable business.  Some franchise concepts lend themselves well to being a scalable concept.  The West Coast Franchise Expo is coming up in less than two months.  I have been to it the last two years and I recommend it highly.  There are typically quite a few franchisors that are exhibitors at the show, the vast majority of which from whom you can get a lot of insight.   Also, you can be in control of your experience there, as you can talk to whichever Franchisors you want for as long oas you want.  Definitely make sure to review the list of franchisor exhibitors and do some homework on them, so you can ask informed questions and measure how the franchisor representatives practically employ the written principles of the Franchise.  Oh yeah, there will be some allied exhibitors such as specialists who can help you tap retirement funds to use for the acquisition of a business.  Yes, it is possible to use your 401K or IRA to buy/start a business.  There are some very special conditions and costs, but it is one option to consider for sure.  The dates for the West Coast Franchise Expo are November 5, 6 & 7.  Website to register is   I will be there chatting with Franchisors looking for referrals from Brokers like myself.

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